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Twin Peaks Interview

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Twin Peaks Interview

Living in such a litigious world as we do, it’s amazing that Chicagoans Twin Peaks haven’t been sued. The weight of that name could easily weight most bands down, but not this five-piece; instead, they wear it as a badge of pride, and have busied themselves living up to the hype such a moniker was bound to attract.

See our Twin Peak interview here:

And oh, how they wear it! All chugging power-chords and buzzsaw riffs, they play with the fearless, sloppy abandon you’d expect from a bunch of cocky, early-twenty-something city dwellers. Equal parts bratty pop-punk and fizzing indie-rock, the guitars duel away while Connor Brodner batters his kit into submission. It’s joyful and frenetic and infectiously good fun.

Article and Twin Peaks interview by Derek Robertson

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