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The up-cycling love affair of Gaëlle Constantini

The up-cycling love affair of Gaëlle Constantini

I already featured a few weeks ago the capsule collection of Gaëlle Constantini, French – recycling- fashion designer, with Vide Dressing. Gaëlle Constantini is one of a kind in the oh wild landscape of fashion designer. Her eco creative approach has nothing to do with what others can do. Not a trendsetter, even less a trend maker, Gaëlle is beyond everything an artist that picked fabric to embrace an artistic career. Clear lines lover, she is more this special kind who rather quotes Dali than Louboutin. Fabric is her linen, art her pencil and history (of clothes) her main inspiration.

‘Recycling is the future of fashion’
Gaëlle Constantini

Pimp my Shoes Gaelle Constantini

Pimp My Shoes

Or the art to turn your old shoes in brand new accessorizes. Gaëlle came up with the initial idea while traveling to Saint Barthelemy, in French Caribbean, and found herself with an extra cost of 600€ at the airport due to the huge amount of shoes she had in her bag because she enjoyed to have shoes that matched her dresses – reminds me of someone. However she had to leave a lot of them behind and she was on her way already thinking of an easy way to keep on high style with light suitcase. The idea of a lovely jewels to give an extra twist to your old shoes was born and became a few years later a lively, vivid, acclaimed project: Pimp My Shoes! Based on new material to give a new impulse and outstanding look to our old shoes, Pimp my Shoes, ‘Bijoux pour Souliers’ as it is called in French is an amazing initiative aimed to spare us to constantly renew our shoes when we could simply bring them back to a second life.


Pimp my shoes bijoux pour souliers 1

Pimp my shoes bijoux pour souliers

Loyal to her ecological spirit and the values she stands for, Gaëlle will give a percentage of the benefits to the French  ONG Sauvons la forêt. She is right now in negotiation with different retailers for the distribution of her – absolutely lovely – jewels for shoes and already seduced many shoes lovers on her webshop and Instagram account. She recently teamed up with Carel, the legendary, Paris based, shoemaker who will offer to his loyal shoes lover to twist their new shoes with lovely shoes jewels.

To know more, check the video, unfortunately only available in French (but image and soundtrack are awesome so it is still worthy to have a look!)

Cubic lines for a timeless shape

Gaëlle was always attracted with the little joys only craft works can offer. From drawing to reshaping the Nina Ricci’s clothes of her mother in her early age. Cubist obsessed with a passion for Kandinsky, constant creative mind, Gaëlle Constantini, created in a very short time a  vibrant label that goes beyond trend, a one label meant and aimed to last through trends, because if there is one thing she dislikes: the idea of trends going out of fashion as something that could define fashion.

This is certainly not what should define Fashion according to Gaëlle Constantini who absolutely hates this idea something can get out of trend. So what is fashion for her? It occurs her vision of fashion is something universal, that has more something to do with beauty, aesthetic, elegance. This is probably why she aklways showed herself as a vintage lover, someone who’s interested in reshaping vintage outfits from the 50’s into modern lines, an artist who revisits and reinvents old trends with her own taste and ideas.  These clothes are not simple fabrics, they have an history, they have a soul. Both revolutionary and inspired in her approach, I believe Gaëlle Constantini is one those new avant-garde designers that will sustainably impact the way we see and perceive fashion. For the very best.

The Minimalista

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