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The Still life of Kevin Morby

After a well acclaimed debut solo album ‘Harlem River’, Kevin Morby, ultra  prolific songwriter , just released ‘Still Life’. The former bassist of Woods and leader singer of The Babies definitely does not take the slow train and created a rich album in which he tremendously goes on the great job. ‘Still life’, in the same way as a secret -travel- diary, keeps track of his journey East to West, in sensible and enchanting manners. 

The ‘Still Life’ of Kevin Morby: From East to West

Harlem River was his very own  tribute to New York City that he called home for nearly five years. As a both melancholic and intime tale with a urban back ground, he gave back to New York City the inspiration it once gifted him with. However Still Life by Kevin Morby  is on the surface his own celebration for taking the road back West. Mostly written in Europe during a tour in 2013, ‘Still Life’ is another tale of Morby’s journey to his roots. The Kensas City native is indeed freshly back to the West . The tone is set from the very first song of the album, the genius track ‘The Jester,The Tramp and The Acrobat’ which marks the beginning of a reckless – emotional – journey. Followed brilliant tracks such as the dynamic ‘Ballad of Arlo Jones’,’Motors Running’ and ‘All my life’, likely to be the most enchanting tune of  this incredible new album.

‘Still Life’ the romantic journey of a traveler

Still Life by Kevin Morby reflects his endless talent and happens to be much more than a simple second release. It is likely  THE ALBUM that will take Kevin Morby to the next level.  Emotional not cheesy yet, obsessing, charming and unforgettable, ‘Still Life’ is one of those albums you can listen to all over the time. Perfect companion for a journey, it could easily become the amazing soundtrack of romantic memories. ‘Still Life’ has the sound of the musical journey of Kevin Morby from East to West, a romantic escape to his very own roots. ‘Amen’ and‘The Moon’ are the final tracks on the album and definitely sign the end of a journey that must be continued. It seems Kevin Morby managed to reach his final destination without a single mistake or weakness. Each song fits on an album that almost reach the absolute perfection. It is a rarity to see a second album over taking a first opus but Kevin Morby made it, with modesty and genius. Still Lift by Kevin Morby definitely has a unique vibe , which definitely lifts Kevin Morby on top of the most talented songwriters of the new generation.

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