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The Magical Sound of Howling

Howling is the love child of Ry Cuming (The Acid) and Frank Wiedemann (Âme). A collaboration that comes as an unexpected musical delight. ‘Raw, honest, experimental, free and sacred’ is how they define their debut album ‘Sacred Ground’. Melodic, eerie, enchanting and powerful, Sacred Ground comes to life as the fruit of the collaboration of the yin and the yang and unleashes the most beautiful aspects of folk music and electro. We enjoyed the visit of the mystic duo at Amsterdam’s Melkweg for a small a chat about music and life, brotherhood and art, and of course how Howling came to life. 

Collaboration x Mutual Empowerment

Spontaneity plays a great role in Howling‘s production and breathes new life into each sound featured on ‘Sacred Ground’. The albumin in its whole encompasses the beauty of multiple creative processes enhanced with the  rare and deep bound that connects, inspired and empowers Ry Cuming and Frank Wiedemann. As you see them seating next to each other, you can feel these two do not need words to understand each other. Comes as no surprise out of this unique relationship an intimate and deep at heart album that reveals the deepest emotions of each.

Duo Howling  in Berlin

Duo Howling in Berlin

Arty x Mystic

The first resonance of ‘Sacred Ground’will hit your flesh and skin. Rare are these albums that takes such an astonishing control on your body. Each track, each sound is an intrisic journey in which you will find both mystic and arty influences. The entire album perspires an extraordinary will to take music at its highest level of art and creativity in its most noble sense. Colorful and sonic sounds that divinely carry Ry Cuming’s exquisite voice. In unison they confess their deep infatuation for art in its most noble sense. Art that comes to life through hard work, long thinking, and of course intensive experimentation. Everything in ‘Sacred Ground’ is made according to this approach as the duo teams up with artists that fully understand them and embrace the same vision.

The Source of Sacred Ground

Recorded in England, L.A and Germany, ‘Sacred Ground’ takes its source in this traveling approach and refers to the special bound of the Howling to the places that inspired and contributed to bring this release at his highest artistic level.  It invokes the connection they sustain towards those places as the elementary roots of their inspiration. Because if Sacred Ground crades such an eerie energy it is mostly thanks to the disarming ease that bounds two artists who finally discovered the deepest meaning of brotherhood. And when they are asked what was the biggest surprise that came out of this collaboration, Ry Cuming will smile and answer: ‘I think I found a brother’. Together they explored their comfort zone as they never did to finally release an album that reflects as never their true and real selves. 

The Minimalista 

©Pictures: Jon Bergman

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