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SPRMRKT Amsterdam

Minimal Talks 9 at SPRMRKT Amsterdam

SPRMRKT Amsterdam is easily one of my very favorite spot in town, the one and only place in Amsterdam I can compare to the most fascinating stores I have ever seen in my life: Colette in Paris, Goodhood in London, La Garçonne in New York and The Pool Aoyama in Tokyo. It’s one of those magic places which are not all about shopping, which are not focused on objects but passion, love, creativity. One of these hotspots where trends are created.

SPRMKRT Amsterdam is a key local spot for fashion, design, art, and life lovers. Located on the beautiful Rozengracht and surrounded by the canals and little charming streets in the background filled with lovely bars and restaurants, SPRMRKT is one of the highlights of Amsterdam’s most desirable district: the Jordaan. A simple name inspired by its former function, SPRMRKT is the town’s greatest inspiration for design, fashion and lifestyle. It is the love child of Nelleke Strijkers, a talented and captivating multitasker, former model with an eye for photography,  entrepreneurial spirit and cutting edge visionary, SPRMRKT is a breathtaking achievement that never stops growing and reinventing itself,

From the magic feeling you get at the entrance, when you walk through a hallway that looks like a mysterious forest, you will come across outstanding characters and creations. When you hit the place you will see an artist performing a live painting performance, and if you walk furher until the fashion corner, you’ll come across other areas filled with unique and creative items such as enchanting fragrances and art and photography booklest. SPRMRKT takes you on a vivid journey out of space and time for a brief and intense instant. A Content Store – as Nelleke Strijkers likes to define it –  that fulfills all needs and passions of the curious minds with brand new visions and inspiration.

If you live in Amsterdam – or you just happen to be around – and you are looking for an unforgettable urban feeling, do not forget to drop by SPRMRKT: there is a unique experience awaiting you Rozengracht 191, and if you are lucky enough to show up during an event you will have the chance to see live paintings, listen to cutting edge DJ sets and so on. Trust us and be sure to take a look, you won’t be disappointed!

The Minimalista

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