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Somero Contest in Corsica: meet the best Social Media Managers in the World

What about the Somero Contest in Corsica?

To make it a bit clearer: do you fancy the idea of tweeting from the beach?

Somero Contest

Corsica sounds a bit like the Caribbean islands, a place for perpetual vacations, harcore tanning, a spot you head to hit the beach. Oh Lord… Corsica is so much more than this. Corsica offers plenty of landscapes and happens to be a very spot for digital innovations. And this year Corsica might be smoking hot when it comes to innovations. From 1st to 7th of June 2015, Corsica will host the Somero Contest, the first competition in the world for communuty managers, digital spirits and social media enthusiasts. The Somero Contest is an innovative and visionnaire initiative from local players,communinity managers, creative entrepreneurs empowered by the idea of showing the greatest things Corsica has to offer: passionnate people, creative and innovative thinkers, gorgeous luxurious hotels and resorts; and of course its outstanding nature and landscapes. At Somero the very best professsionals of the industry will meet, interact and compete for the very wanted prize of Master of Buzz.

Concretely what will the Somero Contest be all about? 

Meet Somero in Paradise

Somero will take place shortly before summer arises for good. At a time the island is still stille and nearly empty but when it’s already warm and sunny. Probably the most beautiful moment in the year, before the heat of summer burns the land, when the sea is already blue and when you can already feel the sand burning your toes.

20 Social Influencers

How do you treat social influences with a one of a kind experience? You take them on a trip to the extreme South of Corsica where extrem adventures are awaiting them. Armed with their smarphones, their hottest bikinis and swimming suits, our 20 social influences – that we are proud to be part of – will compete for the prize of Influencer Soldiers and cover the event along the way.

40 Social Media Rockstars

Somero will welcome the best social media managers of the industry from freelance community managers to digital agencies representative as well as brands and start ups. 40 hightly talented digital marketers will present their social media strategies, concepts and visions to a jury made out of the best digital marketing experts.

A1-level Jury and Partners

If the idea sounded crazy at the beginning, well crazy define genius right? The Somero Team picked up outstanding digital marketing professionals and top companies to carry along the project. Air France, Air Corsica, Orange, the tour operator Corsica Tours,  the Parisian digital agency KRDS (who’s founder will be president of the Jury), outstanding Corsican entrepreneurs who daily contribute to reinforce innovations and opportunities in Corsica.

And do not forget 4 crazy prices from 30 000 to 100 000 €. So who’s the next social media sugar daddy?

The Minimalista

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