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See Me Join The Heart Movement

Domestic violence is for many an abstract concept. Sadly in 2014 it remains an issue for many women all over the world across cultures, social backgrounds and countries. November 25th kicks the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Education and independence are definitely the key to create a better world for a lot of these woman who unfortunately are deprived from any professional skill that could allow them to escape these violences.

See me Join The Heart Movement is a noble cause that daily fight to bring supports to women who struggle against gender based discriminations.

Fashion against gender-based violence

For many fashion is seen as a superficial tool, however more and more fashion brands stand up to empower and to bring woman out of isolations and domestic violence. Providing them freedom through a job and an education is likely to be one of the greatest way to proceed. The young brand SeeMe definitely belongs to one of these fair trade brand aim to set women who suffer from violence free.

SeeMe is an Amsterdam based brand that founded in 2012 and produces heart shaped accessorize and provides ethical sources for several fashion brands. SeeMe is a social enterprise aimes to empower women who suffered from domestic violence by employing and providing them all they need to be free and to build a better future.

Fair Trade & Fashionable

Most women working for SeeMe are single mothers, who struggle against patriarch values to be able to provide the best living conditions to their family. Thanks to SeeMe these women have the chances to attend trainings in which they develop their knowledge and professional skills but also gained know how in crafting. In societies in which women’s education is not a priority SeeMe provides a real empowerment for these women by giving them the knowledge they need to stand for themselves.

Geraldine Florin

Furthermore SeeMe is a real inspiration for many fashion brands in the world and the collection was features in the Tommy Hilfiger Fashion show in New York Fashion Week SS15 and was also collaborated with Karl Lagerfeld for a gorgeous capsule collection.

What is more SeeMe has been acclaimed and loved by many brands and you can find SeeMe in many prestigious retailers such as Colette in Paris, SPRMRK in Amsterdam, the well know Galeries Lafayette. Vogue editors and many other fashion professionals totally fall for it. So what are you waiting for to be fashionable and do something that sustainably and positively affects the world? Wear SeeMe’s hearts and stop looking at things!

Join the #heartmovement and be part of those who activate the new future of fashion!

The Minimalista

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