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SAVELLI Australia Luxurious leather with a Corsican Soul

SAVELLI Australia is the love child and the eponym fashion brand of Calvi’s native Melissa Savelli who calls Sydney her new home.  After a short career in finance, Melissa Savelli decided to make a living out of passion for craftsmanship and luxurious leather goods.

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100% Made in Australia

A 100% made in Australia label since SAVELLI only works with handpicked local producers in order to ensure the top quality  and unique. Each piece,  arises as a little wonder of detailed and precision. Handmade and crafter in cow and kangaroo leather, SAVELLI handbags are leather good jewels which adapt themselves to challenges of contemporary fashion.

Tradition + Innovation

Launched in 2013, the label became in no time a key label of Australian fashion and established itself as one of the main figure of Australian fashion and craftsmanship. SAVELLI introduced a new way of expressing Australian sense of fashion and combines the Australian Aboriginal heritage with a modern approach. Influenced and inspired by the cosmopolitan heritage of Australia, SAVELLI sets new standards for Australian fashion.



The label remains loyal to its Corsican and Australian roots. It embrasses a broad vision that connects craftsmanship to a contemporary note. Inspired by the cosmopolitan influences of Australian fashion, Melissa Savelli sets a new fashion rules an impose a style that combines tradition to cutting edge modernity.

The latest collection of the brand “Tjukurrpa” which stands for ‘Dreaming’ incarnates sacred Aborigines rituals reflects the ability SAVELLI to create a timeless and authentic range of leather goods while respecting the rt of craftsmanship.

The Minimalista

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