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Our favorite art at Coachella 2015

Oh, Coachella. The yearly meeting point for lat hippies and celebrities alike. Does someone care about the music anymore? Oh well, at least there’s art: there’s always amazing art on the Coachella campus, and this year most of it’s new, let’s discover some of the installations that stole our hearts!

First came the caterpillar…

Headline artists, electronic DJs and indie rockers may rule over the scene at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, but it wouldn’t be Coachella without some large-scale art pieces to attract the crowds. Festival goers headed to the 14 works for the atmosphere, for some hiding from the sun, for their beauty and, of course, for the insta-photo opportunity.

Let’s start with a basic assumption: on sunday night the most popular sight at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival wasn’t the headliner Drake or even Justin Bieber – it was a giant, yellow and black striped caterpillar. It’s the Papilio Merraculous from Poetic Kinetics: thanks to its wheels, the bug had the ability to move all throughout the festival and guests got to see it in numerous locations.


On April 12, on the third day of the festival, gone was the magnificent Coachella caterpillar, its metamorphosis – coming on the final day of Week 1 – was complete. The caterpillar turned into yet another Coachella landmark, as it evolved into a butterfly with multicolored wings that could flap up and down.coachella2

The Big Horn Palace

The veteran Coachella artist Brent Allen Spears (a.k.a., Shrine On) teamed up with artist Joel Dean Stockdill to create this piece of art called Big Horn Palace representing an homage to the original inhabitants of Indio, Ca. Made of re-used, re-purposed materials, the installation is meant to be a place where to pay respect to the origins of the land.



The Eartmover, or The Mantis, is nothing less that an homage to the hardwork and industriousness of both men and insects. Coming from the brilliant mind of Christian Ristow, a specialist in robochrist technology, this mechenical praying mantis, one of the most intelligent insect, is here picured in escavator form: sci-fi much? No? This is an hybrid of both the human and bugs’ world at its best, represeting an insight on the intelligence of a post-industrial reality.


So, are you impressed as we are with this year’s art vision @Coachella? There were many more that we wanted to discover, and you can find them here – Coachella

pics by Coachella and The Guardian


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