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Novelist Joan Didion is the new face of Céline

‘You have to pick the places you don’t walk away from’ Joan Didion


Skinny, frail, touching, with a classical haircut and big sunglasses defines the new face of Céline. A real classic you would say. Indeed Céline women is a simple, minimalist woman with a great style. Except that this time the face of Céline is slightly older and was not picked up in a modeling agency. The new face of Céline is 80 years old and….she is a novelist, a cult novelist.

For Spring/Summer 2015, Céline breaks the rules and revelead an unexpected brand ambassador: the iconic novelist Joan Didion is the new face of Céline!

Bold and authentic like Joan Didion

For the very first time in fashion history, a novelist is associated to fashion, which gives even more prestige to this bold capture. Actually Joan Didion was likely to incarne the Céline woman despite herself. Her love for turtleneck sweater, her frail and strong attitude, her preference for dark apparels, she was always a graceful incarnation of  the woman according to Céline despite herself.

‘We all survive more than we think we can’

In our society such campaigns are a real punch in the face for beauty standards and definitely lift fashion to another lever, standard. Céline here does not only celebrate one woman here. Céline celebrates the beauty of life, of age and break all conventions when it comes to beauty. The brand already shows its admiration for Joan Didion with a famous campaign inspired by a 60’s picture of Joan Didion, in which the top model Daria Werbowy was features in a car. Smart, elegant, simple shot that never had so much sense as today.

Daria Berbowy celine car

Timeless beauty

Looking good and cool behind her dark frames, the (un)famous photographer Juergen Teller was likely the only one able to unveil such a campaign. Never the iconic novelist has looked so fragile and strong at the same time.

It’s a masterstroke Céline just achieved in a fashion landscape that tend to give standing ovations to youth and perfect beauties. Céline shows us that beauty can (or actually must) be smart to be timeless. 80 years Joan Didion as a cover girl, a brand ambassador is one of the most beautiful thing that could happen to fashion. Something that gives back to fashion its real purpose, the power of expressing yourself and your thoughts through an outfit. It has a little feminist preach that shows women that real beauty is very often what is asserted to intellectual. Be smart and you’ll be beautiful forever.

Thank you Celine for this making the first fashionable  hours of 2015 so bright!

The Minimalista 

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