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Minimal Talks The Drums

Well known for their timeless and intoxicating Let’s go Surfing’, The Drums are so much more than a sunny, happy, surfing band. After a first happy and light release. But The Drums, the ones who define themselves as outsiders, are certainly not part of those you can categorize . For our very first session of Minimal Talks, we were incredibly lucky to interview Johnny Pierce for an in depth and oh so authentic talk about The Drums, this everlasting feeling of being an outsider, the love of music and what The Drums is all about.

Minimal Talks The Drums

Their latest and third release, Encyclopedia comes as a surprise: a much darker, more mature release. It seems like The Drums left a part of their lightness and innocence behind. However if some will point at the difference, blame the out of the blue changes, Encyclopedia is a prodigious album, packed with emotions and honesty. Back to their roots with the two other band members gone,  Johnny Pierce and Jacob Graham stand as they always did: intrinsically tied and completing each other in all possible ways. Encyclopedia sounds like the rebirth of The Drums after a few years of questioning and experimenting. Like the most experimental album of the band, Encyclopedia is a powerful composition build up with honesty and a real love for music.

The Minimalista

Interview: The Minimalista
Video shot and cut by Joao MB Costa

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