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Minimal Talks 4 We slept at Last Marika Hackman

Honey bee
fill me with that sticky stuff
golden and alive
viscous sweet delight
I'm sugar blood
lay me down
lay me down I'm cinnamon
Marika Hackman, Cinnamon

Love child of Nico and Joanna Newsom, Marika Hackman appears as a dark sunshine in the overcrowded musical landscape. Intoxicating and vivacious melodies, visual lyrics that powerfully carry her outstanding folk music.  The young, strong and fragile at the same time, Marika Hackman arises as one of the most promising talent folk music needed. In our new Minimal Talks session we are happy to feature an interview with Marika Hackman, likely to be one of the most promising emerging talent Britain has to offer. 

Minimal Talks 4 We slept at Last Marika Hackman


Marika Hackman Album Review

Troubled, bright and dark, melancholic, obsessing, touching, so many adjectives define her music, the way she plays with sounds and words.to produce a near-sacred sound. Marika Hackman is brave and adventurous: she redefines folk and songwriting codes to bring on a tape a wild mix of poetry and music, the surprising association of lightness and darkness. Melancholic and clouded at the same time, Marika’s composition will hit you. Nothing else.

Her first album We Slept at Last’ will be released on February 15th and follows three divinely beautiful EPs, which sounds like the words on the world of a woman who clearly remembers what the teenage angst was like. A wild mix of emotions surrounded with the innoncence of childhood, the pain of being pure and wild at heart.

With her distinctive voice, her  idiosyncratic lyrics and melodies Marika Hackman might be one of the most talented of the new British generation, deep and violent, pure at heart.

Folky roots with a drop of Darkness

Marika Hackman expresses her passion through songs that are tempted with deep folk influences. Her very first EP, ‘That Iron Taste’ was mostly carried by beautiful lyrics, each word is thought, each word is powerfully braided with each notes.

Followed the genius ‘Sugar Blind’ with psychedelic pop tones also enriched with an accurate and detailed work in lyrics and notes. Overall Marika Hackman is more than a musician, more than an artist, she is a songwriter who only offers her really best in its entire authenticity.

Marika’s songwriting is a gem that provokes a true and  a real tidal wave of emotions, from the brightest to the darkest. Marika Hackman’s music can be compared to an awakening, some obsessing, intoxicating. It belongs to these very special kind of arts and creations which make you think over and over again about life and its deepest meanings. A tone, a sound that drags you into a real musical (and emotional) adventure.

Her first album ‘We Slept at Last’ definitely is one these musical jewels we look forward to and for these who live in Amsterdam, be aware, Marika Hackman will take part to the Spring Edition of the Festival London Calling at the end of April.

The Minimalista 

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