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Minimal Takes 1 Dené Theron performs Up In The Blue

Minimal Takes 1
Dené Theron performs ‘Up in the Blue’ for our first rooftop acoustic session

We are proud and happy to present you our new project Minimal Takes 1 which consist in ‘one shot filmed live performance of talented emerging musicians’. Our Minimal Takes are aimed to provide a fully authentic music experience in which people can enjoy music in its most simple and noble apparel. 

Minimum Material

Minimum Instrument

Enjoy Music the Minimal Way

This is what we were all about when we came out with the idea of producing these acoustic sessions. We want them to fit to the general editorial line of The Minimalista as an accessible lifestyle platform in which you can enjoy both beautiful and simple things. For this first rooftop session, we were lucky enough to benefit from an extraordinary weather, surrounded with a sky like Nevermind and a snowy landscape. We definitely had the time of our lives on a rooftop located on Amsterdam’s most beautiful canal: the Prinsengracht. Of course the enchanting voice of our first guest Dené Theron really contribuated to create a magical atmosphere and made this moment very unique.

Minimal Takes 1 Dené Theron performs Up In The Blue

Dené Theron is a South African Amsterdam based songwriter who released the album ‘Up in the Blue’ in 2012. She is currently working on new musical projects. Real DIY Queen, Dené is also a talented designer and illustrator who created a very special world filled with art and love. We are so thankful she accepted to work with us for this very first session.

Tones of Minimal Takes will come again and if we welcome everyone who would be interested to perform live for us to reach out in the comment section!

The Minimalista

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