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London Calling : We met Palace

Last weekend was the anniversary edition of London Calling Amsterdam, a concert that reunited the hottest indie bands and artists of the moment for an outdoor weekend at Paradiso North. To get there, it was necessary to take the ferry from the edgy urban Amsterdam and land on the other side of the river. A wild, exciting and urban environment at the same time! The band Palace was there, waiting for us to interview them. There is always a certain thrill when you meet for a catch up with such a new and young band. Their approach and vision are very refreshing, while they still nourish  a deep, innocent and authentic love for music. 

Palace is one of those bands that make you wish they were your first musical romance. Their blues influenced tones clearly distinguishes them from most bands from the Brit scene.

When in The Arch

As many British youngsters, they started thinking about playing music  when they were still at school. They became friends, shared great youth experiences and, at a certain point, heard the call of music. Once school was over, they started as a ‘threesome’ and were finally joined by friends and connections to become Palace as it is today (Leo Wyndham -guitar and  vocals-, Rupert Turner -guitar-, Will Dorey -bass- and Matt Hodges -drums-). Their first times were at The Arch, Tottenham, and soon enough they started getting well known across the British musical scene.

Lost in the Night

Palace’s sound takes its source from the blues. Well, mostly. Because their first EP ‘Lost In the Night’ also features delightful and marvellous influences from reggae to trip hop, as well as  “depressing indie music such as Jeff Buckley and Radiohead’. According to them, Hendricks, The Beatles and classical guitar sounds impulsed their love for music and inspired them to make music for others. And, truly, we couldn’t be more grateful.

The Minimalista 

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