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Concept Stores and Shops in Amsterdam

Let Lose at Ivy & Bros Amsterdam

Lost while exploring Amsterdam and curious to explore its secrets only locals and avid urban citizens share? Let me tell you about one of my favorite concept store, shop in Amsterdam. A lovely place to hit to enjoy a coffee have a chat with the super friendly owner or enjoy a simple urban explore through concept stores and shops in Amsterdam. 

Located in Amsterdam’sun)famous Redlight District  Ivy & Bros is a design store, a lunch and tea room that offers a refreshing view on design, fashion and lifestyle. 

Ivy & Bros Amsterdam

A treasure in Amsterdam Redlight

Every city is blessed with those very special spots in which you can lose yourself and leave daily duties behind. When it comes to concept stores and shpps in Amsterdam, be ready to experience a wide range of discoveries. Ivy & Bors is without a doubt one of these and provides you an extensive lifestyle experience in which art is in absolute reminiscence. As a real creative space, Ivy & Bros is real lifestyle experience, an exclusive journey, one which rewards all feelings and senses: taste, sight, smell, touch, and sound.

Ivy & Bros celebrates beauty

Entering is a ride on a tidal wave of style: design, fashion, jewelries and vintage items fill every corner of the store. Some of them are designer-made and imagined by Nathan, others are rare vintage items he’s found during his tireless quests through Dutch flea markets or beautiful and unique vintage pieces. Nathan, the owner is a one of a kind mind, recklessly seeking for the best items, the best features to enchant each of his visitors, no matter if they are fashion, design or simply life lovers.

The Yummiest Coffee in Amsterdam

On top of this, the space also welcomes Dutch and international artists and hosts exhibitions Each event in enriched by a very casual and friendly atmosphere where people can meet other creative minds from all over the world for unique chats about fashion, love of art, design or simply talk about life. Foodies lovers won’t be disappointed either and will have the chance to enjoy the  tasty organic food and drinks of Ivy & Bros. On a daily basis, you can enjoy a range of sandwiches, bakeries, fresh fruits and organic teas or coffees spiced up with an arty design either outside or inside.

Address: Oudezijds Voorburgwal 96a, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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