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Juices and organic delights in Amsterdam

While taking a walk in Amsterdam you will be impressed by the great amount of organic bars and cafes where you can enjoy refreshing and empowering smoothies but also chill out in a convivial and friendly atmosphere or grab a piece of vegan cake. 

We picked our very favourite organic hangouts in town where creativity and passion for nutrition never stop to intertwine. Are you ready for an organic orgy in Amsterdam’s streets?

We surely are! 

Dr Blend, healthy no matter what

Dr Blend The Minimalista

The simple name Dr Blend gives you an idea of what Dr Blend is all about: a place where raw, pressed organic veggies, and fruits will take your level of energy to the next level. Dr Blend celebrate greens and superfoods in the ultimate way by mixing up fruits with seeds or coconut water but also by twisting them with delightful spices.

Located in the Jordaan area, Dr Blend it is the perfect spot for whomever needs an healthy break during a walk in the city. Amongst its delightful blends, you will also be able to enjoy different types of superfoods as well lovely soups and sandwiches that will turn your lunch break into a dazzling and tasteful experience. A not to be missed address for anybody who refused to choose between tasteful and healthy and certainly a place we’re never tired of.

Berry loves you berry much

Berry Amsterdam

Berry a sweet name for an even sweeter place where organic encounters the sweet taste of homemade pies and quiches. Yes the quiche almost gave me the feeling that I was finally back living in France, sharing a lunch with a so very dear old friend in a trendy Parisian bar.
Located in what some call the “hipster part of town”, the legendary West, and a few steps away from the famous Food Hallen, Berry is a peaceful oasis in town perfectly suitable for late Saturday brunches or a you-moment the time to read a book or a magazine. When the sun shines you will enjoy to take a seat on the large terrasse while savoring their perfectly delicious banana bread that fits marvelously with the ginger beetroots juice. And if the wireless connection happens to be lousy, well it finally gives us the digital break we’ve been craving for.

The Cold Pressed Juicery

Cold Pressed Juicery The Minimalista

Raw food adepts, roll on! The Cold Pressed Juicery happens to be your craziest dreams coming to reality. Amsterdam’s loveliest organic places 5 organic juice bars in Amsterdam. Dedicated to tease your taste buzz and to empower you, the place is packed with different juices alternative that will fill all needs and desires. Perfectly located in several hotspots of town, The Cold Pressed T will surely become your dearest breakfast friend where to reboot and shake your mind.

SLA, go organic or die

Sla the minimalista

Warning vegan food lovers, you are going to love the place! SLA is a not be missed spot if you want to enjoy a delicious homemade salad with a smoothie. With a deep at heart vegan philosophy, SLA is a gorgeous place where to discover or re-discover the flavors of nuts, plants and veggies enhanced by A-B-S-O-L-U-T-L-Y amazing dressings that will give your salads and lunches an unforgettable taste. The place has something pleasant and cosy and is likely to become one of your favourite lunch room in town.

Juice Brothers is treating you

Juice Brother Amsterdam the minimalista

Located in the hip Pijp, Juice Brothers is surely the place to be when it comes to celebrate nutrition and to rediscover the tastes of fresh and organic seasonal fruits. Aimed to empower your body and your mind, the Juice Brothers’ team works on fruity combinations that will take your energy to the next level.  The philosophy of the place is to unleash the power of fruits on your body and they offer different types of “juice diet” that will adjust to your body.  From the Core Detox Juice to juice to ease your digestion or embellish you skin complexion, everything is made to unleash a healthier version of yourself.

The Minimalista 

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