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International Women’s Day

 International Women’s Day happens to be a joke. A ridiculous marketing jokes in which waxing, brand new spring looks are promoted to give a smile to all the beautiful women we come accross in the street. International Women’s Day is like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Black Friday a dark celebration of the best consumerism has to offer. For International Women’s Day we happily feature hashtags, pictures with our freshest fashion items, the fancy flowers we received. But what about these women who deserve celebrations and get abuses instead? What about these fierce soldiers no one gives a damn about except when it is to increase the sales of a newspaper? What about these oppressed women in the world or even in Europe who must face a sexual and psychological abusing boss, husband or family friends? 

Does anybody thinks about these women on Women’s Day when they write their new offers on the website, Twitter, Instagram of Facebook account.

If women need one day in the year to be celebrated does not it mean men have each other days. Actually if genders were equally perceived in society, would we have International Women’s Day? Therefore I have decided to celebrate International Women’s Day at my own way to tell you the truth or at least my truth about Women’s Day and what I wish could happen today. For real.

The truth about International Women’s Day

Flowers in the street, a free waxing, a voucher for a facial oh and what about a few items on sale at the next corner store. That’s what International Women’s Day became. In the meantime, women are getting rapped and abused in some far away dark spots of the world. On the 8th of March social, physical and moral abuses go on in the world without any body doing anything against it… except for these special items on sales for these very special days for the occidental women we are.

If another man wishes me ‘Happy Women’s Day’ I swear to God, I send him straight to the emergency unit!

International Women’s Day’s wishlist


1 – For IWD I wish sexual harrasments in the enterprises come to an end

2 – For IWD I wish indecent marketing campaigns about women’s day end

3 – For IWD I wish I will never hear again ‘oh she got raped, she deserved it, she was dressed up like a whore’

4 – For IWD I wish women stop suffering and being hurt in the name of religion

5 – For IWD I wish people would stop daily sexism

6 – For IWD I wish women would finally be seen as thinking and smart individuals

7 – For IWD I wish all little girls in the world would benefit from a proper education

7- For IWD I wish they end International Women’s Day because it’s actually representative of gender discriminations

And you what do you wish for International Women’s Day?

The Minimalista