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Instagram, Fashion and Candies

In exactly a month we are taking off to gorgeous Corsica to attend the first international Social Media Contest Somero. Yes because however you like or not, mastering social media is a job. A real one. Packed with challenges, the challenges to emotionally touch individuals and to create a strong and empowering visual identity. Sometimes narcissic but surely powerful, this media is a key too to take fashion design and fashion inspirations at the next level. 

“I loathe narcissism, but I approve of vanity.” — Diana Vreeland

If you ask me what social media changed fashion, i wouls shot straight away Instagram. Instagram and its hashtags, Instagram and its filters enhances with beautiful fashion statements. Instagram is the most intimate form of marketing which unleases the possibility to reach the right target at the right moment. This is particularly true when it comes to fashion industry as the industry involves specifical challenges such as emotional aspects and a strong visual identity.

Fashion inspiration & co

Instagram account of London based French blogger Camille Charrière @camtyox

Instagram account of London based French blogger Camille Charrière @camtyox

Instagram is packed with fashion girls or regular next door girls who exchange their look inspiration. A great way to drive us on our next shopping escape or to feed us with ideas to reinvent our wardrobe and old accessorizes.

Instagram to spot the upcoming IT girls

Instagram account of Gizele Oliveira @giizeleoliveira

Instagram account of Gizele Oliveira @giizeleoliveira

Looking for the next fashion talent, your new brand egery? Instagram is here for you and will surprize you with a large range of inspiring chicks that live, breathe and eat fashion.

A place to spot hot trends

Jacquemus on Instagram

Instagram a place where to express your visual identity as Jacquemus does here. @Jacquemus

The social media can define itself as an online fashion gallery where emerging fashion talents can easily promote their work and creations.

Does Instagram inspire the way you dress?

The Minimalista

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