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I think that the BurnBook App Creator has a Small Penis

THE MOVIE MEAN GIRLS  was released over a decade ago but not everybody learnt from it and it seems like the Mean Girls’ spirit is definitely still on. 

Mean Girls Burn Book

Concretely what is THE BURNBOOK APP ?

The BurnBook is all about bitching – excuse my French – and gossiping about others. From your fat ass – excuse my French once again – to your creepy voice. It can even turn into declaring your flame to your loved ones and exchanging comments with other idiots about it.

The app  clearly takes it source in the early 2000’s movie Mean Girls. Back to the day Lindsay Lohan who was not a drug addict yet. Part of the cast,  other American Hotties such as Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried – who’s incredibly dummie in the movie – and Lacey Chabert.

The Burn Book came from the Regina George and her devoted plastic friends. A book made to start rumors, to kill reputations and to destroy any of their high school ennemies. A massive destruction weapon which is today reinvented through modern technology and a Gossip Girl touch.

BlackBurn is more or  less a mix of Gossip Girl and Mean Girls if they had a smartphone.

The all concept happens to be very chocking since it comes after a waves of teen suicide victims of mobbying at school.


The Minimalista 

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