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I am Charlie but I am also Guilty

Dear Terrorists,

First of all I need to express you my deep congratulations for your late achievements! I also would like you to know one thing about me: I am Charlie but I am also guilty. I bet you’re wondering why?

I am sure your God, your Prophet is genuinely proud of you. You finally set the world free from very dangerous cartoonists, writers and journalists, economists, janitors, cops and lambda citizens enjoying a Friday afternoon grocery shopping. I was very concerned these people could eventually harm me. Happily you took care of it. You finally killed  the NUMBER 1 PUBLIC ENNEMY (no you did not commit suicide), you killed Charlie Hebdo, this dangerous French newspaper. You killed Charlie Hebdo during a weekly meeting, which was about racism and the dangers of racism. How dangerous and immoral is this!

Even more proud and grateful then your God towards your action: the Muslim community. They were missing an extra twist, some more positive advertising with the current growth of extrem right parties. I guess it was very helpful to associate your crimes with them.

In their name I mean to thank you. You really contributed to enhance their great reputation and gave a one of a kind feature of Islam. Happily Muslims have you. Who needs ennemies with such brothers?

You claimed your act was revenge because your prophet was offended. Now let me please enlighten you on the way some (many actually) Muslim define anger and revenge:

The best revenge is to improve yourself.
It is easier to win your enemy over by sincere measures and good deeds than declare war and dominate him after great bloodshed and destruction.
The best revenge is forgiveness.

Imam Ali about Islam 

I guess you skipped that part. Please forget the profane for teaching you what you call your religion. What you did is not Islam. If your God existed he would sentence what you’ve done. 

Please let me go on celebrating you!

I admire your open-mindness. Your ‘look behind’ attitude towards people, religion, the 21st century. Unfortunately, you still like to enjoy 21st century’s technology in order to get new disciples. If I am correct hypocrisy is not a well loved attitude when you read the Quran. Again you show that you did not understand anything of what you read.

Finally your lack of respect toward human being, rights, beliefs simply left me speechless. It does not happen that often. Congratulations moron!

I also found great how you transposed centuries old religious texts to modern life. I am sure your God might be now waiting for you you (all excited) to show you the paradise you were expecting.

Seriously, I have tried to excuse, understand, explain, justify what you did. I failed, I failed in all the misery I was capable of. You may feel quite lonely right now, after you’ve been shot and found out what you believed was crap. If your God existed you would be right now punished: roasting in hell like the pigs you are.

While thinking, I also started to brutalize myself: I realized there are so many like you outside there. It means you are two freaks but not isolated ones.

If so many other freaks, who were raised and grow up in Occidental countries have this urge to look for something else in religion or violence explained by religion, it means that Western culture has fail. And it is my failure, politician failure, our failure because we created such monsters.

You killed Charlie Hebdo. You killed artists. You killed Jokers. You killed funny folks. You killed a country. You killed a civilization. You killed moral. You killed human rights and you kept people away from their loved ones.

What do you have in common with other guys like you except for being radical? What are the failures that awake such an anger in you?


This is what we have done by neglecting education and good cares for those who do not have such a strong familial cell. We did not feed the brain, we did not teach love and tolerance and even worse…. We took democracy and freedom for granted.

I also feel guilty because I was always a lucky girl. Great schools, loving parents, holidays close to the sea, skiing resorts, best universities. I never needed any spiritual comfort since my life was comfortable at all. But what about those who need guidance and education? What does society do for them? Who provides spiritual guidance, who teaches them how to love and understand others? Where do they learn respect? How do they learn the art of turning anger into something beautiful? Can they even guess you can turn a negative feeling into an absolutely wonderful experience?

For this reasons and amongst others I believe we are the parents of these young European who decide to become Jihadist. We were not capable to provide a society in which they can feel useful. It seems like the choice is between small criminality involving stealing a car and selling hash, when comes the day they want to rise in society, they only find a home in extremism and radicalism.

However I understand why our society is this way, however I pity you dear terrorists, I cannot forgive since I cannot forgive myself for creating you.

Sounds cruel but I must say it:

The Minimalista