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HANDS OF OIZO, ancestral, modern, and exquisite leather

HANDS OF OIZO is a love story. A passionate one about ancestral craftsmanship and contemporary design, an unique journey through a brand new experimentation of fashion. 

Hands of Oizo carapace bag

Crafted and Ancestral Leather

HANDS OF OIZO  is Parisian fashion designer Blandine Boudet’s love child. After graduating from the Superior Institute of Applied Arts in Paris, Blandine Bouet worked for ten years at the Trend Forecasting Agency. Eventually the Parisian girl decided to give a new  impulse to her career and to get back to her original love: manual design, crafted leather that takes its inspiration into ancestral design and modernity.

Founded in 2014, HANDS OF OIZO is a cutting edge brand that celebrates a sophisticated urban fashion blend with cutting edge inspirations where the French fashion culture and the Indonesian craftsmanship reflect themselves. It is all about tailor made accessorizes, hybrid but also innovative at the same time that will delightfully enhance any daily women outfits.

Hybrid and Sophistication

In 2014, Blandine Boudet felt the urge to devote her work to her first love and to create a handcrafter brand in which she would be able to be fully creative and to develop fashion accessories that marches her style and inspiration. Therefore she settled in Bali and started to work on her own innovative concept: HANDS OF OIZO. As a real fashion sociologist, she created a brand that reflects her vision of the world: an open window to the diversity of the world: periods, people, personalities.

Hands of oizo sobek waist belt

From accessories to garments, each peace is created and thought to bring sophistication and ingeniousness to any style. Perfectly cbalanced between casual and poise, utilitarian and admirable, HANDS OF OIZO is a real journey into a new fashionable way of being for modern, elegant women.

HANDS OF OIZO’S design is available on many aspects: from an innovative and contemporary leather collar in which the modern woman will casually wrap herself into small purses and harness-dickeys that will turn any dress or outfit into an incredibly glamorous fashion. Hybrid, historic, modern, ancestral, magnificent, exquisite, elegant, casual are what decrypt HANDS OF OIZO’s sense of fashion. A free minded vision of fashion, brings HANDS OF OIZO to a high level of creativity, an approach in which historic corset and functional sacks, a smart and stylish belt bag, and a graphic handbag with carapace-inspired define a new feminine allure.

The Minimalista 

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