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GLOSSYBOX Mothers and Daughters Beauty Rituals


My mom is the pillar of my life, the only one that will love me no matter how wrong I act. My mom loves me when I am ugly. My mom cheers me up in the darkest hours of my life. My mom thinks I am beautiful no matter what. 

The love between mothers and daughters is probably one of the most beautiful, one of the purest love that can exist. The most unconditional love. My mom fed me with love and guidance throught the darkest hours of my life. She encouraged me when I was lost. She empowered me whatever I did. She never asked me to be somebody else. 

She taught me the significance of loving myself, of treating myself with delightful beauty treatments.

“Wear a fragrance that will follow you for a lifetime, something that will enhance your personality and leave a mark. Be yourself and do not expect others to like it.  Remove your make up at night. Hydrate your skin. Be moderate while wearing make up. Do not wear a too short dresses and heels. You must pick one of both. Smile otherwise your outfit will be incomplete. Be kind to others. Love yourself and people will love you. Be independent. “


I have been raised by the most beautiful and empowering woman. She is not a make type she is a body treatment type. Sleeping well, eating well, hydrating always. My mum has this timeless and natural beauty that will always blow me. She has a pretty and soft skin. Her bathroom is packed with moisturizers and facials cares. My mum is strong and generous and that’s why I love her above everything. I love her because she may not be perfect, but to me she is. 

The Minimalista celebrates Mother’s Day with GLOSSYBOX and we more than happy to feature how unconditionnaly we love our mums and how thankful we are for all the great things they did for us.

And you, what did you learn from your mother that you will never forget? 

The Minimalista

NB: The products you can see in this GLOSSYBOX edit are the ones for the German and Austrian markets. For the other countries, another edit of Mother’s Day GLOSSYBOX will be available. 

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