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Flo Morrissey at London Calling

Spotted, I have to confess I had no clue who the hell was Flo Morrissey when I was asked to interview her. But from the second I listened to ‘Pages of Gold’, she had my vote. Flo Morrissey’s sound captures magical sonorities on which her melancholic and deep voice brings mystery and surrealitic metaphoers. Her powerful voice couples with obsessing and intoxicating lyrics.

In an overcrowded songwriting landscape, Flo Morrissey’s first release ‘Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful’ comes as a refreshing and poetic surprise and defines her as one of the most talented and empowering songwriter of our era.

Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful

Recorded in Los Angeles with Noah Georgeson (Devendra Banhart, Joanna Newsom, Cate Le Bon) and with Philippe Zdar (Phoenix) in Paris, her debut album Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful is a wonderful taste of the 20 years old Flo, her energy and enchanting vibe.

Flo Morrissey

The New Lana Del Ray

The one who has been compared by DIY Magazine to Lana Del Rey – comparison she loves – clearly has a voice and a very specifical way of performing music. More than sounds, Flo Morrissey’s music is a journey into a mysterious, sometimes mystical, world.  Different than her elder in many ways, she cultivates a similar timeless approach where the best of contemporary music intertwins with folk and old school influences.

Ultimately Inventive

Multitasker and ultimately creative at heart, Flo Morrissey is one of this artist with a deep DIY sprit and a creative soul who confesses she could not have done anything else than something creative. Young but mature, wild but calm, she masters the art of music without falling in griefs those of her age tend to.  Romantic but never dramatic, empowering but not overexcited, her music is a gift that one would be crazy to ignore.

Flo Morrissey debut album will be release on June 15th. 

The Minimalista 

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