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Fierce and Charming Mysteries at Amsterdam Fashion Week AW15

Odysseys and walks on the moonlight enchanted Amsterdam’ Fashion world for a dark and mysterious Sunday.

MAYN’s modern Odyssey

“Black is both modest and arrogant. It is lazy and easy – but mysterious. Above all black says this: ‘I don’t bother you – don’t bother me'” – Yohji Yamamoto.

Kubrick’s cosmos-inspired line kicked off the opening of Fashion Week’s 4th day, with figures and shapes wrapped in mysterious black.A 2015 tailor-made Space Odyssey, dark and neutral silhouettes sparkled with chic and mystery. Because if there is one thing the monochrome does, it awakes awareness. MAYN created a still scenery, enhanced with deep piano notes, to accompany these minimal silhouettes, exquisite in its sartorial apparel. The Menswear was reinvented through a tidal wave of dark notes and layers. The role of fabric is central to the line, fluid or thick, exquisite but discreet. What a surprise when suddenly a white shirt appears within this black farandole. And then the tactful red light discretely incorporated in sleeves a few seconds before the final. 4 words written boldly in red: STOP. Stop like the end. What has ended?? The Odyssey just did.

Mirte van Wijngaarden Fierce and Ferocity

Mirte van Wijngaarden rewrote traditional codes and restored traditional heroes with a fresh set of sartorial apparel.

On the catwalk, Viking inspired warriors stand with contemporary definitions of elegance. Mirte van Wijngaarden transposed the myth of masculinity with bold, flamboyant attitudes reinforced with thick fabrics, multiple layers and a lot of leather – all with a neutral tone. Van Wijngaarden’s heroes are fearless, enrolled in leather and cloaks to express strength and their own form of virility.  It was certainly an adventurous show, where we can observe again the significance of luxurious fabrics blended perfectly with quilted fabrics, leather and layers for a maximum effect, whatever the colour may be.

The Bitter Moon of Dennis Diem

A romantic landscape with a fairy sitting on the moon; as if she were a protective figure, mysterious and beautiful wrapped in an angelic, white dress. An empowering and compassionate fairy that sings with the moonlight to puncture? Perforate? the tread of dark, mysterious and magnificent silhouettes.

Dennis Diem’s catwalk was designed in a theatrical, exquisite way where fascinating creatures floated from one side to the other, long hair flowing in the wind with red lipstick for a fully sensual and agonizing atmosphere. Dennis Diem free (?) yesterday a wide range of captivating creatures exploring all aspects of a moonlight night. The elegant set of dresses refers to a night out but does not necessarily evoke the brightness? Glow? of a festive evening. Lost creatures evolving on the catwalks, with sequin and unstructured dresses intertwined with skins and shades. Are they lost creatures? The atmosphere is heavy, meaningful, similar to an old black and white movie where beauty has lost its innocence. The moon shines bright and beautiful, contrasting with the heaviness of these mystic creatures. In this collection, transparency and sequins give a cutting edge to ominous folkloric apparel or a fluid red dress for an absolutely impactful walk.

Army of Me for the sake of a simple style

Fall 2015 will definitely celebrate a simple man with minimal apparels for a maximum impact.

Army of Me featured a thousand shades of neutral colors which come to life on a wide range of fabrics: scuba, leather, thick cotton declined themselves (declined themselves?) on uniforms and reinvented smart apparels, wearable from midday to midnight. One jacket carried on one’s shoulder for a casual touch; white shoes contrast with the dark tones of the collection. The Black razor lacerated denims in front and in the back are essential for a reinvented urban fit and are twisted with layers and white shoes for an ultimate contrast.

Club Brillant 50 shades of mind

There was a turning point when the essence of fashion came from the street, when Marc Jacobs turned grunge into fashion icons. Ever since, the street never stopped to inspire fashion.

New sunglasses mean new style. Club Brillant articulated a show in which sunglasses are enhanced with chic urban sportswear and sneakers. A show named upon denim, sneakers and shades with four different styles: Denim, Innovation, Blanc and Vintage.

Club Brillant and its quirky style definitely radiated on the catwalk with modern inspirations and intertwined sunglasses. Modern heroes dressed in denim, selvedge jeans and Ivy League Style jackets and ‘cool school’ inspired apparels. The sartorial notes definitely came from the vintage line, with psychedelic glasses on mysterious and glamorous creatures –a very edgy touch. Print patterns, fluid jumpsuits and quilted sweaters completed these very fresh looks with a preppy touch.

Smaranda Almasan

Colors and layers for Smaranda Almasan. The Romanian designer presented quite the experimental collection, in which imaginary is stimulated with no boundaries.

Feminine and colorful, this collection definitely brought [the changes with the heavy atmosphere that surrounded most of the day. Smaranda Almasan’s woman is elegant and colorful, wrapped in a long skirt or a polyvalent jacket that follows her through the day and into the night. The use of different material and prints offers a lively collection, and an impression for a cutting edge woman, wrapped in avant-garde apparels and fabrics to embrace the beauty of life.


Folklore and mystic feels for Frampesca, the Italian designer created a simple but colorful show, starring folkloric prints.

Pretty creatures enrolled in colorful but simple shaped apparels, embracing Italy’s love for glamour, aesthetic and sex appeal. The folkloric prints on straight and clean cut to enhance natural curbs for a perfectly down to earth style with a touch of bohemian chic for an undboutedly bohemian styled collection for 2015.

The Minimalista 

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