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Fashion Scout at Paris Fashion Week

Fashion Scout at Paris Fashion Week

The hightlight, the refreshing spot of Paris Fashion Week AW15 definitely was the Fashion Scout Showroom located in the famous Marais. Two floors of design in an art gallery where 22 of the most promising international fashion talents were showing the collection for Autumn Winter 15. Packed with tempers and truly outstanding collections, two designers catch our eyes. The Czech young talent Petra Ptackova and the made in Australia label, INJURY. 

Petra Ptackova for adventurous minds

Fashion Scout showroom saint paul petra ptakova

The Czech native  established her fashionable headquarters between Prague and Paris. More than a fashion designer, Petra Ptackova is a visual storyteller who recreate lively stories in loud speaking collections in which she intertwines with grace streetwears and couture technics.
Her vision is sharp while her sense of fashion associates real life to fairy tales. Each piece is a story, a memory, a lively represention of encounters and life experiences. Petra Ptackova gets her inspiration from couture, handcrafts, fairy tales, sportswears and creates a fashion she calls herself ‘magic realism’. Dark hours printed on dark fabrics when vivid coloured pieces reflect better times and better days. Petra belongs to these fashion talents you cannot neglect and was featured in the Czech Forbes Magazine as one of the ‘30 under 30’ honourees’ for 2015.

 INJURY Made In Australia

Injury new collection aw15

The Australian label INJURY eatures an edgy angle of clothing and fashion. Sharp cuts, innovative fabrics and material carries on prits and vivid primal colours. The brand expresses sporwear chic associated to innovation and casual elegance. Created in 2008, the label INJURY is the love child of Eugene Leung, artist, designer and former grafitti artist based in Sydney who graduated from Architecture school, which definitely influenced the way he shapes his creation. His definition of injury?


The fashion label expresses its unique vision of fashion and fabrics through brut but finished and details apparels that lays on a very arty vision of fashion. The Autumn Winter collection of the brand articulates itself throuh basic colours, color blocks and prints that awake a sensual and brutal sense of clothings.

The Minimalista

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