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Fashion Craving: L’Eternel For Timeless Twists

In French, L’Eternel stands for ‘eternal’, something that lingers forever, both materially and spiritually. A mystic and strong name that, indeed, fits perfectly the timeless and luxurious identity of this French brand which creates leather goods and jewels that go beyond trends and hype, reinventing classical garments with a strong contemporary touch.


Iconic and crafted designs

Iconic design enhanced with superb finishing and a real hand-made touch, L’Eternel stands as a one of a kind brand, whose articles elevate any outfit with a retro and luxurious note. Craftsmanship and creativity are the essence of the firm’s concept, where careful attention and care is given to each piece. Their articles are not only sumptuously sculpted, but they feature a great practical sense and can be carried everywhere.


L’Eternel for timeless beauty

The brand’s express the significance of timelessness in fashion and showcases high end accessorizes which will reinvent themselves through eras and trends. Each design from L’Eternel is imbued with this spirit that define luxury in its highest purpose. Their pieces represent that “little something” that will last through seasons and can be transmitted as a real little treasure from a generation to another.


L’Eternel will be showcasing from August 2nd to August 4th at Pure London, so if you are around, do not miss this chance to discover one of the most promising emerging fashion talents of the European scene!

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