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Daily Sexism

What is the bitchy weekly?

The Bitchy Weekly is the column where I will once a week (only!!!!!) complain about whatever bothers me. From the stupid waiting list at the insurance company to deeper social problems, I will ‘bitch’ -classic- about those little things that can turn your day into a real nightmare.

To kick off this column,  I will unleash the feminist in me and denounce daily sexism people use every day without even noticing it. I will start with this viral – but oh so true – video of a girl walking in New York City and being harassed nearly every minutes by all type of men. 

Edifying. What is more I totally believe many common places strongly contribute to daily, unnoticed sexism. Here are my best picks of extremely irritating sentences every woman heard at least once!

#Smile to your boyfriend, he’ll pay for it

Behavior does not matter her and again, this reflects the hyper sexualisation of woman in people’s common thinking. Women smile, laugh, giggle, shine, run on heels and of course need men to afford their need. This means that as a woman you cannot afford to pay for your expensive pumps yourself. Thanks god, the universe was kind enough to give you a smile, that smile that will allow you to achieve so much such as
– a free pair of shoes
– a good meal at the restaurant
– a nice vacation
– maybe you will ever get expensive jewelry (if BJ is included)
Yes because as a woman I cannot pay it myself! Does it mean I am too stupid? Does it mean I cannot work to buy something for myself? Oh and wait, would you ask a guy give a nice smile to the lady and she will get you this flamboyante pair of sneakers?

#This is a really good job for a woman

Oh wait I forgot… As a woman it might be indeed complicated to get into some jobs. You know a woman should not go a mile away from the kitchen. Let me think what job is suitable for the modern woman….Hum what about being a Femen? Or a macho ass kicker? Yes the type of people who believe in those stupid statements are the same thinking that being a feminist involve a bare-breast-riot on a big square.

#Ah women…. (giggle) why are you so complicated? means:  so annoying

Ah women! You do not understand when they have in mind except for shoes and accessorizes. Like if complication was connected to your genetic. Our interlocutor expects us to smile, slightly giggle, oh yeah maybe our face should get a bit red. Indeed it gets red and you need to resist to answer because ‘you think being a man saved you from being annoying?’

#Do you have your periods?

How is your prostate by the way, should we talk about it? Did you forget your brain at home? I rather have my period than talking to you. Less painful. So let me answer you, no I do not have my period, I have a burden. My burden is having a conversation with you.

I would love to hear your experiences when it comes to daily sexism. What did you hear? How did you react? Please share it on the section below and if you want to share your story in the ‘Bitchy Weekly’ feel free to get in touch info@theminimalista.com

We’ll be happy to share the hate!

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