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Cyril Maccioni, the art of design made in Corsica

I already told you plenty of times.. Corsica is not only about heading the seaside to drink a mojito at the beach. Corsica is an island packed with inspired and inspiring people, artists and designers, novelists and poets, free spirits, entrepreneurs, musicians and composers.

Today I would love to introduce you to a one of a kind Corsican artists. One of these very talented plasticians and designers who give a new impulse to minimalism and contemporary design: Cyril Maccioni. 

Lampe Cyril Maccioni

Model, Fire Fighter and Plastician 

As hard it is to believe, Cyril Maccioni, only embraced his designer careeer in 2013 after working as a fireman and a male model.  Cyril Maccioni is an autodidact, an artist carried by a reckless creativity that he intertwines with his own vision of aesthetic.

Cyril Maccioni

Multitasker, he explored differents paths and careers before embracing his artist and designer career in 2013. Painter, sculptor and craftmans of product in wood, the various skills and talent of Cyril Maccioni unables him to create unique items from furnitures to luminaires and sculptures through different shapes, inspirations and materials.

Unconventional and free from diktats and standards can define the outstanding work of Cyril Maccioni who surely is a man with a vision. While he remains loyal to his Corsican roots, Cyril Maccioni create new momentum in Corsican design he reinvents with verve and passion.

The Minimalista

Copyright Pictures: Cyril Maccioni

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