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Culture and Lifestyle Lovers Will Love Ajaccio

I was born in Ajaccio and every time I land in this gorgeous city, my heart races slightly stronger while my breath gets shorter. Sounds like a teenage crush. I land home and I realize I forgot how pretty the city looks. I forgot how colorful the buildings are, my loveliest childhood memories hit me again. The day I got stuck on the Waterloo’s hero Napoleon statue and my mother had to call the fire fighters to rescue me. Yes I used to be a wild and adventurous kid as “a good Corsican girl” should be. 

I am thrilled from the second the plane lands in Ajaccio. The view of the island emerging from the blue water. I can already guess and imagine my loved ones waiting for me inside the airport. Not even sitting next to Joey Starr – a French iconic rapper I suspect from inventing stupidity and vulgarity – can alter my joy and good mood.


 I am thrilled to  discover one more time that I grew up in one of the prettiest city. I am delighted when I can finally see through the window of the plane, the coast, the translucide water, the proud arising mountains and the colorful buildings of my home city.

And well Ajaccio is also the Corsican capital of fashion. It has this very unique vibe : made of pretty – and very elegant girls. We actually like to tease girls from Ajaccio because they are oh so fresh, and cute, and pretty and well, sometimes a bit nasty.  Built along the sea, the city centre features colorful buildings, palmers and cocktail bars that benefit from a 100% sun exposure. Known for its gorgeous  gulf, the city benefits from an amazing microclimate and never gets really cold. Birthplace of Napoleon, we love to call it the Imperial City.


While taking the panoramic road ‘La Route des Sanguinaires’ you may experience a gigantic Stendhal Syndrome. You will co,e accross greenery and trees while the sea beats the stone and the foam evaporates in the air.  The road hosts numerous restaurants and hotspots where you will likely have the most romantic time of your life. Mediterranean food, seafood including catch of the day and the oh so delicious local langoustines, cocktails, local wines and delightfully sparkling champagnes.  Seafood and gastronomy enthusiasts will enjoy a meal with their feet in the sand at marvelous restaurants such Cala di Sole or Le Week-End that provide an outstanding garden and a breathe taking sea view.

Ajaccio Rue Fesh


As the birthplace of Napoléon Bonaparte, you know this guy who had some fun in Waterloo, Ajaccio will treat you with cultural activities and discoveries that will surely enrich your general culture. From the Musée National de la Maison Bonaparte to the Musée Fesh that features Coriscan art, you will have the chance to explore one of a kind museums that will unleash the possibility to explore in depth Corsican culture and history.


Fashion and Ajaccio go together like John Lennon and Yoko Ono.  When heading to Corsica you expected a tiny island where you can shop beach essentials and scuba diving outfits. Wrong approach! Ajaccio and its outstanding selections of boutiques and edgy designers will win your heart in no time. From local designers who reinvente stylish looks for the beach and beyond such as mare di latte  to classical French and international fashion designers. Anyone on a shopping spree will surely find adorable little items that will follow you over years.

Ajaccio is a city that every culture and sea lover should have on his or her bucketlist. A unique place surrounded with a fantastic history and culture as well as a gorgeous natural environment. And telling me that hitting Corsica is too complicated will be a lie as our local airline Air Corsica opened a line between Liege and Ajaccio that will be open from May until end of October. A quick way to explore an island that really deserves to be called the island of beauty. And while exploring Liège remember the city of Waterloo is not that and it might very interesting to discover this Northern city that actually has so much in common with Ajaccio and celebrates this year the 200th anniversary of the battle.

Summer is ahead do not forget to fix your traveling plan for a delightful and enriching holiday! 

The Minimalista

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