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BOI, song of a wanderer is a documentary by Dutch movie director Anne-Marie Borsboom which tracks the journey of Nitzan, a beautiful girl from Tel Aviv, to find her inner self.


‘I always wanted a moustache, a flat chest and some muscles. I don’t want my voice to change or hair to grow all over me. I look closer to a boy than a man, keeping a lot of the female characteristics, just like a teenage boy, but not a real one. That’s why I call myself a boi.’
Nitzan, May 2010

Struggles and Identity

It started in 2003. Anne-Marie was already thinking of a new documentary project aimed to witness the lives of those who are born in the most chaotic and violent zones of the world. This spots of the world where chaos is stronger than peace. These zones where conflicts make the word ‘tomorrow’ meaningless. Nitzan, the young and beautiful girl from Jerusalem belong to them. In transit in Amsterdam on her way from Tel Aviv to Tokyo, she and Anne-Marie will meet randomly. The two women will stay in touch and Anne-Marie will start to film her for her new project. On the side, in the way some hold a diary, Nitzan, who is a brilliant photographer, religiously shoots self portraits that reflect her state of mind. Her journey takes her from Tokyo to Milan where she suddenly realizes that the struggle she carried in the past year does not come from the world surrounding her but from herself: she is the girl with the moustache.

The girl with the moustache: a transgender tale

This revelation will impact her existence in a sustainable way as she decides to take the control of her life and to unleash the boy that always slept inside. This revelation will  also impact Anne-Marie’s work who decides to adapt the topic of her documentary to her object. Through years Anne-Marie follows Nitzan all over the wold on her journey to find herself. An adventure that takes her from New York and Florida while Nitzan slowly becomes this handsome boy she always wanted to be.

And she finally found his real self

Boi song of a wanderer

In 2013, Nitzan has finally unleashed the boy in her while keeping track on each change. It is now time to tell the world about this incredible human story. Enriched with hours of screening and an abundant series of self pictures that feature the change of Nitzan, Anne-Marie Borsboom created a one of a kind project aimed to educate the world about transgender’s issue and to open our mind. The project was launched with a documentary and the simultaneous release of a book filled with Nitzan self-portraits as well as digital conversations between Anne-Marie and Nitzan. The very well known FOAM Museum hosted the exhibition Boi Song of a Wanderer during the summer 2014 an exhibition unanimously acclaimed while the Eye Museum hosted the very first screening of the movie for the pledgers who financed the project through Kickstarter. For those who cannot wait to see the movie in the festivals, it is already possible to buy the book to discover this one of a kind story.

There will be a private screening of Boi Song of a Wanderer at the Eye Museum Amsterdam on the 8th of December followed with a Q&A with the movie director Anne Marie Borsboom. You can get tickets here!

BOI, Song of a Wanderer – Trailer 

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