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Best Album of 2014

11 albums that twisted 2014

2014 was hell of a year! Stan Smith came back on top of the stage, Foxygen showed themselves – at least for me- as one of the most disgusting musical disappointment I ever had. Parquet Courts convinced me, I felt in love with Clouds Nothing, I created DIY jewels, I randomly encountered DMA’s (and felt madly in love), I have been celebrating Desperate Journalist, enjoyed Woods on stage without Kevin Morby, had a crush on Kevin Morby’s solo release. I quitted my (idiotic) job, I have been dancing on the rain, swimming all dressed up in the seas, I have been skiing, traveling, I started to work for the coolest fashion brands in the world, met amazing people, stupid people, great writers, shit writers, awesome German chicks, fat German chicks too. Whatever! I had so much fun. Time goes, we go through years, they are all different, except for one thing. Each year has it s very own soundtrack, each year sounds like a song. 2014 was of course the year Adidas relaunched the Stan Smith, but very frankly what matters the most is on what song did I dance in 2014?!

#11 Cloud Nothings ‘Here and Nowhere Else’

#10 Perfume Genius ‘Too Bright’

#9 Arca ‘Xen’

#8 The Drums ‘Encyclopedia

#7 Andy Stott ‘Faith in Strangers’

#6 Dan Bodan ‘Soft’

#5 The Coral ‘The Curse of Love’

#4 Shellac Dude Incredible

#3 Woods ‘With light and with love’

#2 Kevin Morby ‘The Still Life’

And the best album of 2014 is…

#1 Parquet Courts ‘Sunbathing Animals’

Never forget to enjoy the music!

The Minimalista 

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