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Aziz Bekkaoui x See Me united at heart

While I am walking along on Amsterdam’sfamous shopping street Haarlemmerstraat to visit the launch of Aziz Bekkaoui x See Me, I can already hear laughts and music of happy people enjoying to discover in store a rare creation and a one of a kind collaboration. The one between the fashion designer Aziz Bekkaoui and the fair trade jewellery brand See Me. 

Aziz Bekkaoui x See Me

Outstanding in the centre of the attention, the two heroes of the night Aziz Bekkaoui and Caterina Occhio, the spirit behind See Me. Their collaboration came as the natural continuity of a very special love story. When two people connect and respectively embrace common visions and feelings toward the world. The collaboration of Aziz Bekkaoui x See Me has the beauty of everlasting and timeless love stories aimed to make the world a better place. Aziz designed the heart who were forged by See Me artisans in Tunisia. We were lucky enough to have these one of a kind fashion minded individuals to answer our questions about their collection and of course their vision of fashion and hearts.

‘Always what you do with your heart influences your work.’
Aziz Bekkaoui 

While the collection was presented for the  first time during Amsterdam Fashion Week for the Fall collections in last January, you can now fall for this gorgeous hearts forged love and passion at See Me’s Amsterdam flagship store.

The Minimalista

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