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And -Spotify says- the song of the summer 2015 is…

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes” said once Benjamin Franklin. But there’s one more thing he was forgetting: the song of the summer. Every year has its own, and it doesn’t matter if you love it or you hate it, you are condemned to listen to it until you know the lyrics better than your list of (ex)lovers. Spotify has decided to go for a bet and publish its list of this summer’s hits, so keep reading if you want to know what to expect…

“I could name a few songs and say exactly what summer they came out and what boy I thought I was in love with”. -Ann Beattie

There will be good times

Who knows more about music than Spotify? That’s the question the giant streaming service must be considering as well, since it has chosen to read a bit into the nearest future and come with what they think will be our soundtrack for the next months. How were these 25 specific songs chosen? According to Spotify, the playlist is a combination of the most streamed tracks and those ones with positive lyrics and feel-good nature.

“Summer is about good vibes, good times and great music,” Shannon Cook, Spotify’s music trends expert, said in a statement. “This playlist serves as the ultimate soundtrack to your summer, from party tunes to road-trip jams to BBQ bangers.”

Summer season, party season!

Summer season, party season!


So, without further delay, and according to this (surprisingly serious) study, we are very happy to announce that the top three of the musical hits for the coming months is going to be composed by…I know there’s gonna be (good times), by Jamie XX ft. Thug and Popcaan; Can’t feel my face, by The Weeknd, and This summer’s gonna hurt like a motherf****r, by Maroon 5.

It doesn’t matter if you’re already on holidays or if you still have to wait for a few more weeks…today is Friday, the weather is great and there are parties everywhere, so get on your dancing shoes, choose your hottest outfit and press play on this list to jump (clothes and all) into the summer 2015!



Keep dancing (always), 
The Minimalista

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