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Amy Winehouse died – and loved- a hundred times

Any life’s lover should take the time to watch the documentary dedicated to Amy Winehouse. A story about modern life, love, passion, extreme destruction and authenticity.  A testimonial of our modern age vices, a movie with a sour taste, an intense story that will leave you drop chocked. 

Likely one of the most honest, authentic and vulnerable songwriter since Billie Holiday,  Amy Winehouse has a story that hurt me in my stomach, made my eyes wet then dried by tears and led me to bed for a few hours of contemplation and emotional anesthesia. 

Sad, pugnace, vivid, intense, it revived such a broad range of emotions, I am not even sure where to start. Amy’s story awakes most of our greatest fears. The fear of ending up alone, the fear of not handling our emotions in the proper manner and above all the fear of abandonment. 

A thousand shades of Amy

Like if it was written, Amy’s life was documented from a very early stage. In the first images of the documentary, you’ll see her as you never did. Witty and joyful, authentic and touching, a cute and smily little woman who’s hits you with her sparkling eyes.

If her life was mostly tainted with tragedy, Amy Winehouse had this one thing we can all look up at and be slightly envious of. She had an extraordinary capability to love.

When most of us question our feelings, fear our emotions, she was able to walk out, totally bare,  foolish and loving. Amy shows us a girl with dreams and talent, a girl widely bitting life and all it brings: beauty and ugly, sadness and joy, hate and love.

It does not matter if she addressed her love to the right ones. Who cares if she loved an asshole or the greatest man alive.  What counts was her capability to fully, intensively love without questioning. This is the modern matter with love when most of us question and fear feelings, obsessed, driven with the idea of protecting our little selves from suffering. Amy Winehouse stood there, her heart above her head.

Vulnerable just like us

Amy Winehouse’s story actually turns out being the story of a not so ordinary girl dealing with a bad break-up combined with the loss of a dear one and massive changes in her life. When you think back to the days, Amy Winehouse was feeding tabloids, did any of us got hit by compassion?  The documentary evokes how cold hearted people and mass audience used to be in front of Amy Winehouse while she was alive. Making fun of her, calling her “gross and disgusting”, indirectly contributed to her slow agony.

Eventually if it shows the human side of a diva it also features how inhuman and heartless our society is. From “restless so called journalists” ready to sacrifice their own mothers for a juicy paper to a greedy for dirt audience and of course the general complaisance of us to look up how messed up another can be.

Above all Amy documentary does not only showcase a tragic life story. It encompasses the tragedy of modern society in its greatest awfulness. How modern life is driven and captivated by gloomy , how we slowly turn ourselves into hungry monsters and get delighted with other’s pains.

What if our excessive taste for gloomy killed Amy Winehouse and what does the documentary reveals about the impact of media on individuals, famous or not?

The Minimalista 

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