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Amsterdam Fashion Week Arty, extravagant and urban preps

A very exciting day at Mercedes-Benz  Amsterdam Fashion Week  arty, extravagant and urban preps were the superstars of the collections the best local designers presented.  Superpositions,  primal colours, tones on tones and old age influences definitely define next season sartorial essentials. Simple and casual fashion for most of them but never boring. The Minimalista’s team was at all shows and we are thrilled to share our impressions, of this so far amazingly creative Amsterdam Fashion Week.

A tribute to Mondrian

Said Mahrouf opened the day with a very arty show where Mondrian’s colours and fluid fabrics were staring. A very feminine collection which celebrates the beauty of feminine curves wrapped in fluid fabrics. Said Mahrouf was likely my very favorite show of the day. Sleek and silky fabric for a dreamy impact and a reinvention of subtile and feminine elegance.

FASHION LAB : Emerging designers and rock’n’roll attitude

Alla Kuzmyl reinvents gentlemen elegance with a luxurious and androgyne inspired collection. A touch of brocarde with luxurious material and frabrics wrap men enrolled in destructural and light tones outfits. Bare feet for the style. A lot of white and beige for a surrealist outcome. Tones on tones outfits with shapes that evoke, middle age creatures and for a perfect contrast, one look in particular. Red, bright, shinny captivating.



Lisa Konno outstanded from other collections with a very colourful show where transparency, stripes, print fabrics have a central role. Her catwalk performance may be define as a sunny definition of fall where modern creatures, with a Twiggy touch evolved on electronic beats.

Aziz Bekkaoui

Primal colour, black and white prints, destructurations and massive hearts for a very urban preppy show surrounded with… love and hearts!

Aziz Bekkaoui


Aziz Bekkaoui masters the art of superposition and casual elegance. This street inspired collection carried by destructural pieces which are enhance with print tights, scarfs, ponchos and hats. White sneakers perfectly match the casual look that defines Bekkaoui’s DNA.

The Minimalista 

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