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Album Review I We are so happy because ‘White Reaper Does It Again’

Only a few albums can awake this youthful and wild feeling you thought you had lost. Louisville White Reaper‘s debut release is surely one of those and transport you into an emotional world you thought you’d lost forever. 

‘White Reaper Does It Again’ is a powerful album that immediately hits you with the very powerful and catchy first track “Make Me Wanna Die” followed by the very obsessing ‘I don’t thinks she cares’ which featured background keyboards notes and carried by bewitching voice of lead singer and guitarist Tony Esposito.

Recorded in White Reaper’s hometown of Louisville, the band called with  Kevin Ratterman (Young Widows, Coliseum) for help to work on this first album. Comes as a result: catchy and empowering guitar rifts sometimes lead and enhanced by leading keyboards, heartbeat drums and powerful bass. An album you wish you’d had your first kiss on.


A real shot of rock’n’roll

In its whole, the entire album perspires this youthful innocence and wild at heart passion you can only find in a first a release. The first release, a major one, the moment you uncover emotions from a lifetime; which is why there is no such thing as a first release when it comes to express and unveil your emotions. The punk rock garage trio perfectly accomplishes this goal with a spontaneous but well settled 12 tracks set. Efficient. Not too short, not too long. Perfect and obsessive. ‘White Reaper Does It Again’ scratches, itches your skin and flesh and takes you on this strange and shaky path one must take between the end of teenage angst and the first steps of adulthood. A time of confusion and infatuation. Infatuations and massive crushes. This is what is all about. And even if they explore themes and feelings that were explose a thousand time, White Reaper’s trio make a statement with this album that happen to be a perfect summer release.

Pump The Volume

‘White Reaper Does It Again’ is ideal to be carried along the road when time for summer escapes and getaways has come. Tunes such as Candy will follow your steps and have the beat of the most passionate and infatuated stories, a light soundtrack to carry the beauty and the magic of daily life. If each songs actually is about a boy who liked a girl, a cool impenetrable girl as Zooey Deschanel in ‘500 days of summer’. The kind of indie girl who falls for The Smith and retro minded dresses and haircuts. Everything in ‘White Reaper Does It Again’  is related to a infatuated story but who cares, they do it is good as the Buzzcocks back int he days.   White Reaper do it their own way and pack themselves with youthful, reckless and honest emotions, break all boundaries and intrinsically explore each emotion to create this marvelous 12 tracks set we cannot stop to listen to.

The Minimalista

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