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According to Giorgio Armani, one can dress as too gay

Latest news, homosexuals do not need to dress as homosexuals according to King Giorgio Armani, as men need to dress as men. Take a deep breath and let it sink in.Now, what in the world does that mean? Giorgio wants us boys, men to dress as men

Word of advice

It’s not surprising that a fashion designer would have strong opinions on how other people dress, especially gay people who are actually well known for having a better sense of fashion than most of us.  However Giorgio Armani should probably abstain while he clearly seems to be losing his mind. The king of solorium, the orange octagenarian thinks ‘homosexual dress to gay and should be dressing as a man’. What means a man? Spending 45 minutes every day in a solarium cabine, wearing oh so casual faded chinese blue outfits with a few hairs that come out? The orange fashion designer is now really toeing the line of intolerance with some recent comments he made about how he believes men should dress, specifically homosexual men.


Giorgio Armani has recently said that gay men “do not need to dress homosexual”. The 80-year-old fashion designer made the controversial comment during an interview with the Sunday Times Magazine. “A homosexual man is a man 100%. He does not need to dress homosexual. When homosexuality is exhibited to the extreme — to say, ‘Ah, you know I’m homosexual,’ — that has nothing to do with me. A man has to be a man.” Quite surprisingly, Armani also said that the word “boring” shouldn’t be considered a bad thing. “Boring? Some people do say that and probably rightly so. But the tough war is not with the critics, it is with my clients. They want Armani. I design for the public, not the fashion industry,” said the designer. And we can see that while the industry is growing, the Armani public is not really anymore – I mean in 2015 who seriously cares about Armani – and not only, Armani just probably lost the 10 left gay dudes who were still shopping at Giorgio by Armani.

Oh you, extreme homosexuals!

Armani never made it clear exactly what he means with the phrase“dressing homosexual,” but we’re going to guess his notion is a bit based on stereotypes and antiquated ideas on what men should typically wear. Whether a man is in a crisp suit or a tutu – as long as he considers himself a man, he is still a man. And we’re pretty sure that every independent, free-thinking gay person around the world do not need Giorgio Armani telling them how to dress themselves according to their sexual orientation. Also, we’re still not sure what “extreme” means when linked to homosexuality?

So finally, gay guys, metrosexuals, transgenders now reading, be aware, if you want to impress Sir Armani, stop being so gay for God Sake, resign your fitness membership – because muscles are also very gay – and for goodness sake, dress like a real man – whatever the hell that means.

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