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5:2 Skin Diet and Minimal Skin Cares

We all know those dramatic mornings when your skin complexion gets so bad that you scare yourself while looking in the mirror. Guilty? Plenty of factors amongst lack of sleep, oily and unhealthy food – you thought so that fried fish and fresh fries combined with wine were not the great ideas for your detox plan. That’s where the 5:2 Diet Skin enters the game. 

5:2 Diet Skin

Spotted the pain of being +30 but still living and partying as if there were no tomorrows.  But also make up to hide your daily bad complexion. That’s when the 5:2 skin diet shows up as a great solution to improve your skin and to protect it against aggressions.

Make up is good but we should all learn to deal without it from time to time and make up artist Indie Lee will not say the contrary as she prones a make up diet whicb consist in wearing make up for 5 days and then let your skin rest for two day by providing it no make-up and minimal cares.

Amongst the good it does to your skin, wearing no make up will also save you time and it’s trendy, just look the amount of pictures you get on Instagram with the hashtag #NoMakeUp. 

Minimal Cares for a healthy skin

Dermaceutic skin diet

We will never tell it enough but listen to your Mamma’a advices; never bail facial cleaning at night and keep your skin hydrated by providing it the right cares and course drinking a lot of water.  In case of oily skin, I have noticed that less is more and reduced my skin cares to a very strict rituals which includes several days a week without make up.  My very own skin diet consists in:

  • Cleaning my face twice a day with Eau Miscellaire
  • Hydrating my skin with a preventive vitamine C and anti oxidant moisturizer
  • 2 steam facial cleanings per week with lavender essential oil
  • Followed with a micro dermabrasion care
  • 2 pure argiles masks a week in order to regulate sebum
  • Cleaaning my face one a week with half a lemon (avoid eyes and mouth zone)
  • Drinking a lot of water and eating plenty of carots

The Minimalista 

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