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5 Essential Free Travel Apps

Travel is about discovering and getting lost but seriously with a smartphone in your pocket, there are plenty of travels related troubles you can avoid but also apps that will unleash endless possibilities for you to travel and explore the world more efficiently. Today we feature 5 essential free travel apps that will open your eyes on a new world.


YPlan for those who never take a break! The app features nightlife events whereever you are in the world. Connected to the best local evenues and festivan YPlan is a first choice app if you want to explore the nightlife of the places you visit and being updated of what is happening right now.

Create Trips

A collaborative travel guide from worldwide travelers. An amazing way to organize your trip in details, to get inspired and to see things you thought you’ d never see. Create Trips was made by a traveler who decided he was not allowed anymore to get lost with a smartphone in his pocket. Explore the world the right way with an app made by a travel junkie for other travelers.

Pack Point

Fashionastas, chaotic minds Pack Point happens to be your new best friend. You love traveling but hate packing – just like I do. But you also hate landing and realizing you forgot the essentials of your trip. Pack Point plan your vacations suitcase for you and avoid you the thinking/stressful part of going on vacations, booking your last office points and tutti quanti. All you have to do is to enter your destination and the purpose of your trip, you will get a tailor made list of your trip essentials.

Hotel Tonight

Unorganized traveler or facing unexpected, Hotel Tonight will surely win your heart. The app saves you time and problems when you face unexpected things while traveling. Need of an hotel today, right now? With a feature of three night hotel deals for one night per city according to your requirements, Hotel Tonight helps you to solve emergency situations in a smooth way.


Social travelers will see their dreams come true and connect with other like minded travelers all over the world. A great social app if you feel like getting some company during you trips and share your travel experience with somebody else. Outbound cover for all types of travels and will seduce each type of travelers from jungle freaks to posh – and sometimes a bit spoiled – Conde Nast Travelers.

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